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Various Artists - Caveat Emptor 2 (click for iTunes links)


12-track compilation CD of antigen artists and affiliates, originally mounted on a 14-page A5 desk calendar. A strictly limited edition press promo.

A CD version of this compilation (minus the calendar) ships with our mail order sales. If you're not into FREE stuff, you can buy the songs from Amazon MP3 or iTunes.

Track listing:

Dorian Wood - Ken / Haley Smith and Languid - Heavy Heart / Nathaniel Robin Mann - In the Light of No Dawn (live) / These Are End Times - Now I Realise How Helpless We Are (live) / Sons of Joy - Somebody Talking 'Bout Jesus / Rory and Ned - Outside and Work / Sealionwoman - Crows / Dead Rat Orchestra - John Wort's Grave / Jack Rundell - Tiny Tim / John Callaghan - This is So Embarrassing / The Waxing Captors - Dominator / Henry Homesweet - Untitled.

The music (minus, of course, the lovely calendar girls) is also available on iTunes here:

Caveat Emptor 2 - Various Artists  UK / European Union

Caveat Emptor 2 - Various Artists USA

Caveat Emptor 2 - Various Artists Canada

Caveat Emptor 2 - Various Artists Japan

Caveat Emptor 2 - Various Artists Australia

Caveat Emptor 2 - Various Artists Mexico

Caveat Emptor 2 - Various Artists South America (including Brazil)

Or on Amazon MP3 here:

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